Auping – Sponsor van de Rust

The question

Royal Auping launched the summer campaign ‘Sponsor van de Rust” (Sponsor of Rest). In the run-up to Rio (the Olympics), a multichannel campaign was launched in which Dutch athletes, such as Olympic medallist Ranomi Kromowidjojo, played a leading role. Auping wanted a campaign that connected to the ‘Sponsor of the Rest’ concept and (inter)actively involved the audience.


The approach

The key visual of the campaign was about people falling on a bed. This was communicated in TV commercials, print and outdoor communications. Leading up to the Olympics, the visual expressions were drawn to even greater relevance when we saw Olympic sportsmen and –women fall onto an Auping bed. The Auping ambassadors were hockey players Billy Baker, Ellen Hoog, Margot van Geffen, Mink van der Weerden and swimming champion Ranomi Kromowidjojo. The ‘making–of’ video shows how the visuals were created. To connect the audience to Auping and sports we created the campaign “Op welke sport val jij?’ #opwelkesportvaljij, freely translated: ‘With which sports did you fall in love?’. In this activation, we asked the audience -just like the athletes- to fall on a bed, or to share a special sporting moment, and to share this photo on the campaign website. The first prize was no less than 10 years of sponsored rest, including a bed, mattresses, bedding and pillows. People could vote for the sports photo of their choice and athletes shared their judgment on the photo.


Het resultaat


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