Digital Creative Designer – Dubai


You love what you do – a social media geek, digital design and living online. Moreover you’ve got the skills and speed to match.

You think from a brand’s perspective, someone who loves to shape and simplify others that are particularly complex, through intelligent design.


• Generating creative campaigns and content to fit the brand and audience
• Editing and designing content


• Static and dynamic ads
• Case and pitch videos
• Concepts for content and campaigns


• Work pixel perfect, love details and are critical
• Are creative and passionate about static and dynamic visuals
• Video and photography experience
• Social media geek
• Are patient and focused
• Love working in a team
• Work efficiently
• Are stress resistant and can work to deadlines
• Know how to work with Adobe’s creative suite (for creating static and moving visuals)


• Offer an appealing package
• Have an open minded, informal culture
• Give you big international, and beautiful local brands
• Support your ambitions

We work from Dubai and the Netherlands on brand experiences. We’ll drop some other descriptions for you to keep on: up-to-date; digital minded; dedicated and determined; experiential; tech-driven; collaborative.

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