The inquiry

In 2015, Singapore turned 50 years old. To celebrate, Singapore Airlines invited European residents to join in the festivities in Singapore. As part of a digital campaign, Europeans were asked to share what they thought was special about Singapore to get the chance to win a trip.


The Approach


We created a concept that was launched in ten European countries. The main focus was the campaign site:, where everyone could share their reason to want to visit Singapore, in content. It was possible to share text, pictures and videos. One could also add content to the website’s hub by using the hashtag #CelebrateSG50 in a post on their social channels.



To increase campaign awareness and generate traffic to the campaign site, Facebook and Google Display Ads were used. Europe was targeted using Page Post and Click Ads to invite people to share their entry.

From all entries, a winning couple was chosen in each country. These winners were informed about winning the all-in trip to Singapore in a unique manner: ‘Singapore Girl’ traveled throughout Europe and surprised the chosen ones with their ‘Golden Ticket to Singapore’. These surprise & delight events were filmed and used as online content.

Between announcing the winners and the actual trip, all participants had a shot at winning a scale model of the SG50 airplane from Singapore Airlines. Next, the winning couples were flown to Singapore from every corner of Europe. In Singapore, a stay in a luxurious hotel awaited them, as well as three days full of experiencing every sight in ‘The Lion City’. Everything was filmed and the winners were interviewed during their trip. This content was used to create an after movie to finalise the campaign, which was spread on Facebook.



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