Samsonite: Topicality

The question

Well-known brand Samsonite and leisure brand American Tourister wanted us to create an extra content layer on Facebook to add an extra contact moment with fans by using content that is based on topicality and relevance. How?


The approach

With Samsonite’s question in mind, we planned short, stand up meetings daily to discuss and review the news agenda and to look for angles on how Samsonite and/or American Tourister could play a role. The Star Wars premiere, for instance, was a perfect moment to capture: the looks and strength of an American Tourister suitcase was a 100% match with Kylo Ren. We also used the more regular topicalities, such as: Halloween, the New Year, Christmas and the European Championship in France. The brands and the topicalities with a twist created unique contact moments between Samsonite, American Tourister and its fans.

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