Bavaria Global

The question

Bavaria is the sharp, cheeky beer brand. The one with guts. These given facts sometimes lead to an exciting and effective collaboration, where news and brand meet each other: news jacking.


The approach

It’s well-known that we have a lot of topical moments throughout the year. The daily news itself brings us moments to connect brands to. For Bavaria, we created several news jacking posts based on these moments.

On ‘World Kindness Day’ Bavaria wanted to be the bold boy at the back of the class. And so it decided to share kindness on Facebook and Twitter on that day with Heineken. Of course, tongue in cheek, and the post was received as it was meant; with sympathy. Heineken answered and the conversation was complete. It didn’t go unnoticed by ‘Brilliant Ads’, ‘Linda Magazine’ and ‘Best Social Media’:

Facebook introduced ‘Facebook Reactions’, the well-known emojis that reflect an emotion and offer a new and extra way to engage with content. Bavaria wanted to connect to this moment. We created a social post that connected the emotion to the bottle. And, not without success: ‘The Best Social Media’ jury awarded the post with ‘Beste Inhaker’ (Best News Jacking post) 2016.

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