Bavaria 8.6 content

The question

Bavaria has a number of brands under the Bavaria flag and Bavaria 8.6 is one of them. A strong blonde beer, but, not for everyone. With this in mind, it was very important to market the brand specifically targeted towards a certain type of persona. Targeting is done best online and in particular, on Facebook. We were asked to create reach and engagement with the target group by using a smart strategy and striking content. Not only for the Netherlands, but for all of Europe.


The approach

Based on input, workshops and existing values we created a social strategy with Bavaria. It was clear that the communication and audience was very specific. Content and community management had to be deployed with precision. The content had to serve several countries, and not only in the form of copy. Our evolved to become a unique ‘one size fits more’ visual form of content.


The brand developed too: the package changed, as did the name: ‘Bavaria’  – it was made smaller and moved lower on the can, and we experienced the introduction of the bottle. In addition to communicating the brand values, international topicality was also used to connect 8.6 too. Users were incentivised to share content and we created unique activations with cool 8.6 giveaways (t-shirts, collector cans). The content of 8.6 is both static and dynamic, with an increased focus on the latter. Cinemagraphs, GIFS and (360 degree) video, 8.6 has it all to repeatedly renew its connection with its fans.











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