Auping content

The question

Royal Auping use social media to target always on content about products and services. The core of the message is the vision of the importance of a good night’s rest on one side; and on the other, Auping undertakes and creates: sustainable, high-level design. We were asked to design strategy and content on the social channels.


The approach

To discover the story behind Auping, we created a Social Storybook. Together with all internal divisions of Auping, such as marketing and communication, design, e-commerce and quality management, the storybook came to life. Also, workshops and a visit to the complete line of production in Deventer were part of preparation and creation.


In order to know with whom Auping communicates and who they would like to reach, we created personas, visual guidelines and a tone-of-voice, based on interviews and research. This is how we moved from the brand and its values to a social story, which is mapped on the marketing calendar, and the seasonal themes throughout the year. Next to that topicality, and especially sports and the Olympics, have a prominent place in the content calendar.


The content is placed on Facebook and Instagram and it’s both static and dynamic. This goes for page posts (branding) and all ads (conversion). we also create online campaigns in collaboration with other involved agencies. Examples are the ‘Op welke sport val jij?’ campaign and activating campaigns such as cashback campaigns and the Summersale.

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