Three tech trends in 2018 revolutionising social media

07/01/2018   -   Trend Updates


Celebration time! It’s New Year, this means: ‘New Year, New You’.

Only now it’s a slightly more miserable version of you because you’re about to embark on a wretched detox after a glutinous December. Truth hurts, right? Stop eating the cake. Let’s drop the nasty foods for now, at least, and feast on something a little more practical: upcoming 2018 trends and what us marketers and social scientists can expect in the year ahead.

And I use the word ‘scientists’ with care, as our profession is increasingly involved in the mining of data – although I wish the mining was in relation to Bitcoin instead of social behaviours. Then, I’m sure, I’d be writing this article from a significantly more lucrative position. Vegas anyone? On to our first trend:

The introduction of 5G


Remember Christmas day, face stuffed with everything in sight? Who could finish dinner first, including the mountain of stuffing? Appetites go into over-drive because mums always bake the best festive feast, right?

Well, with faster bandwidths coming, said to be ten times speedier than 4g, our content appetites are about to go into over-drive, too. This gives marketers the opportunity to develop better, richer, high-definition content than ever before. In a saturated market it’s hard to stand out, we vote good dynamic content will be the separator.

Prediction 2018: The static post will be 75% dead across social channels

a new kind of customer service


It’s no secret customers are turning to brands for their customer service needs. What’s cool is the recent development of virtual chat-bots to address these needs. From help knowing your flight times to ordering a pizza, much more is and will continue to become available in 2018 through chat bots.

There is also increasing pressure on brands to deliver a high standard of customer service across all channels – turning telephonic ‘contact centres’ to ‘social media experience centres’. Let’s face it, nobody ever liked call centres anyway, right?

Prediction 2018: more of an aspiration! Papa Murpy’s will have a chat bot enabling you to order your pizza online – including flavours and toppings. We’re waiting for your business big Papa.

a smarter world


Hey, did you know we’re now a part of Merkle? They’re a global leader in data-driven marketing, basically leveraging the data behind people to create personalised experiences for them. Pretty good timing, as we see the constant evolution of new smart technology: from watches to TVs to fridges.

The crux is that each of these devices can collect and store personal data about their users – then, once analysed can be used  to offer the user better, future experiences.

Prediction 2018: an ambitious one, but our fridges can monitor our Facebook feeds and online calendars selecting key occasions to surprise us with special supermarket online orders with our favourite treats.

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