Special Social Scoop #15 – The Facebook Ads Summit 2018 Edition

17/07/2018   -   Social Summary


Facebook Ad Summit 2018

As promised last week, our Social Advertising team are back with some exciting tips from the Facebook Ads Summit 2018: Social Media Examiner – “Deliver Better Results With Your Facebook Ads” on how to improve ads performances on the platform. Here’s what they learned in the first 3 sessions:


How to Successfully Launch Your Next Product With Facebook Ads

The first speaker on stage was Nicholas Kusmich, a Facebook marketing expert and author of “The Ultimate Guide to Using Facebook Advertising to Generate More Leads, More Clients, and Massive ROI”. In his session, Kusmich explained the four factors to consider for a successful product launch with Facebook ads. They are:

FB summit 2018


Market research is integral to any product launch on Facebook. Kusmich claims if you identify your audience, know their problems, and provide solutions you’re sure to see the right results. Combined with the right force(s), these audiences will be more likely to take action – which include highlighting people’s Frustrations, Fears, Wants, and Aspirations.



Before asking your audience to take action, provide value, make it SAGE (Short, Applicable, Goal-oriented, and Easy), it will nudge your audience to take the right actions. An example would be a free and short downloadable PDF.



Grab your audience’s attention with striking creatives, build a rapport through human connection, then provide clear steps on how to buy/get/receive what you’re offering.



“Finally, make a great offer” said Kusmich as he introduced the fourth factor. Create deals that will hook the ones who are ready to invest, and provide more information about you and your product to those who are on the fence.

Learn more about Nicholas Kusmich and his work


How to Craft Compelling Ad Copy That Converts

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Next on stage was Zach Spuckler, author of the ‘Facebook Ads That Convert Workbook’ and a speaker on Facebook advertising. He talked about effective copywriting for ads, and his approach involves asking 3 questions:

  1. “What is the problem my audience has?”

Before presenting a solution, you have to address a problem. Don’t offer a gain without understanding your audience’s pain.


  1. “How will I solve this problem?”

After making your audience identify with a problem, Spuckler recommends explaining how your solution will solve the problem rather than what your solution is. Then followed by a sense of urgency for quick action.


  1. “What is at stake for them if they don’t take action now?”

Spuckler advises using what he calls The Aspirin effect – providing instant relief for the audience as soon as they decide to take action. Making sure what’s on offer will solve their problem for a greater sense of comfort and positive association with your brand.


Once those questions are answered, Spuckler recommends to use buzzwords (such as: Uncover, Discover, Explore, etc..) while speaking in the audience’s language (simple, snappy, and direct). “People don’t remember what you said. They remember how you made them feel.” Satisfying both the logical and emotional sides in your copy will generate the most effective results.

‘Great copywriters are great listeners, and everybody has the potential to be a great copywriter.’

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How to Boost Conversions With Facebook Ad Video Sequences

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Finally, the “How to Boost Conversions with Facebook Ad Video Sequences” session was conducted by Tommie Powers – a Facebook ads expert with great experience in helping various notable companies sell products online.


To begin, market research is critical – you must identify your target audience. Then, engaging with them is a key ingredient to successful conversions. To do so, Powers recommends his three-part approach called ‘The Social Video Engagement Sequence’ – which consists of:


  1. The SEED video

Its objective is to drive engagement through the introduction of issues/problems your potential customer will most likely relate to and engage with. “Use a reputable source that your ideal prospect will recognize.” suggests Powers.


  1. The SEGUE video

This video is more of an indirect reminder of what’s on offer – or a “nudge and a wink” to those who are indecisive. Good examples would be videos showcasing testimonials, live demos, and other similar demonstration-type videos.


  1. The SALES video

“Sales message in a story format” is what Powers advises when creating videos for the sole purpose of conversion. This video should be moving and thought-provoking enough for audience members to take action.


Now that you’ve engaged, poked, and converted, what’s left is measuring the success of your campaign. The main metrics that Powers suggests examining are your relevance score, view-to-like ratio, and comment-to-like ratio. To get the desired results, the aforementioned videos will constantly need to be optimized: SEED videos mainly for awareness, and SALES for conversions

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