Social Scoop #7 – Your Social Media Update

07/03/2018   -   Monday Matters


Another week, another Social Scoop! Welcome back to our recap of all things social media. This week, we’re taking you through the new, and the not so new (we’re looking at you Vero), to find out how they can help you.
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The (Re)Rise of Vero.

Despite initially launching in 2015, Vero has stolen the spotlight this week! “Why now?” you might ask. Well, the channel is swimming against the corporate current of rivals by promising users an ad-free and algorithm-free environment. It is unsure how long this will last; as users begin to increase, Vero is expected to resort to commercial practices. Until then, users will be able to share videos, images, music, book and film recommendations and links on the channel. Due to the absence of ads on the platform, Vero aims to make its profits through a subscription fee of a few dollars per year. To drive subscriptions, the channel has announced that its first million users will be exempted from paying all future fees. The channel also aims to generate profit through receiving shares of all sales through the app, which is expected to develop over time. With all that being said, it will be interesting to see how Vero maintains its hype in the long run.


What it means for marketers:

Although ad-free, businesses can still benefit from creating their own accounts, just like in other social media channels. If Vero continues to grow, brands can use the platform to not only reach a wider audience, but also engage more personally with their customers.

Will Facebook be the “Blue-Collar LinkedIn?”

With the job market becoming more competitive than ever, Facebook is dipping its toes in the mix. Employers are now able to publish vacancies on a Jobs tab and even promote them using ads. Processes are even easier for prospects whose applications can automatically be filled using their profile information and responded to via Facebook Messenger. Although this update is designed to cater to all users, it may discourage genuine individuality, especially in active job seekers. People may shy away from sharing their true selves online in fear of not being hired. This will cause a slow metamorphosis from Facebook’s more laidback community culture to LinkedIn’s white collar crowd. Initially launched in Canada and the US, this update will roll out to Europe and parts of South America.


What it means for marketers:

Despite no direct affiliation with marketing, brands can still adopt this update to more effectively build their personnel, especially for lower-skilled jobs. Facebook communities often receive a significant amount of requests from users who want to be employed. This feature will provide the supply for this demand.   


WeChat User Accounts Reach New Heights.

As a result of the blocking and censorship of popular social media channels in 2017, WeChat has become China’s dominant communication app. The platform has proven to be a jack of all trades, allowing users to perform various tasks, ranging from chatting with friends to booking trips. The channel has recently reached 1 billion active user accounts worldwide; in this case, user accounts do not necessarily mean users; an individual may operate more than one account simultaneously. With 902 million users almost 38 billion messages sent daily, WeChat’s largest market originates across Southeast Asia, Europe, and the US. With its fast-growing status, it might be worth keeping an eye on.

wechat_messaging_app_stock.0What it means for marketers:

For those targeting customers in SouthEast Asia, WeChat could be your hidden gem. Not only can brands use the app to communicate with their audience, but can also sell their products through WeChat Stores. This provides exposure to a market that is untapped by any other platform in that region.


Facebook’s Vocal Status Update.  

Facebook is now testing a voice clips option that will make sharing thoughts even more personal. Users can simply tap ‘Add Voice Clip’, record their message (for as long as they like), and send it off into the world! For those of you who like to keep things safe, you can even preview your message before posting. This update will reduce the hassle and miscommunication of writing in different languages and dialects. If included as a Page option, this feature will be accessible to brands and give them more creative space with their posts and engagement. Although still in testing phase, this update definitely speaks to us!


What it means for marketers:

If applicable by brands, marketers will be able to create a literal brand voice that relates to potential customers. This will pave the bridge between the human and inhuman aspect of social media marketing, in order to provide customers with the best of both worlds.


Snapchat Spectacles Revamped.

Despite their $40 million loss from the first launch, Snapchat has stuck by its product to develop two new versions of their smart glasses. It is reported that the second generation spectacles will be water resistant, available in different colours, and perform better. The third instalment of the smart eyewear will be slightly more advanced with GPS, and two new cameras to view videos with 3D depth. It is still unsure if they will support Snapchat’s Augmented Reality Lenses. Considering the performance of Snapchat’s current smart glasses, this update can go one of two ways – only time will tell!


What it means for marketers:

If successfully launched, creating content by using up-to-date and trendy gadgets could set the tone for a brand’s image.

That’s all for this week, everybody! We hope you enjoyed these update as much as we did, and can’t wait to see what’s in store next week. Till we meet again!



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