Social Scoop #8 – Your Social Media Update

15/03/2018   -   Monday Matters


Greetings everybody!

With half of March already underway, it is safe to say that this year is accelerating at full speed, and so are our favourite channels. With some moving forward and some backwards, you can count on us to take you on their journeys!

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Saying Goodbye To Story GIFS, For Now:

Less than a month since making their debut, GIFs have now disappeared from both Instagram and Snapchat stories. The channels disabled Giphy as a result of a racist GIF that surfaced on the platforms. In addition to removing the sticker from their library, Giphy has discovered, and fixed, the bug behind it. They are also working hard to meticulously review and re-moderate all of their stickers to prevent similar future incidents. Until Giphy fully investigates the situation and can ensure nothing like this will happen again, we will, unfortunately, have to say goodbye to the animated stickers we quickly grew to love. Hopefully this isn’t a goodbye, but a see you soon!

What it means to marketers:

Due to the uncertainty of how long this will last, marketers will have to return to using words to tell brand stories, for now.

Twitter Bookmarks:

Following its first announcement in October, Twitter has introduced its newest ‘Bookmarks’ feature. To save a tweet, simply click the ‘share’ icon and then ‘Add Tweet to Bookmarks’. Tweets can also be unsaved by clicking ‘share’ and then ‘Remove Tweet from Bookmarks’ – it’s as simple as that! If you’re in the mood for a full clean, you can even ‘remove all Tweets from Bookmarks’ by clicking ‘more’, located at the top of the Bookmarks list. The ‘share’ icon will also enable users to share a Tweet both on and off Twitter. With that being said, the channel will not be able to analyse how many users have bookmarked a Tweet, for now. So, we will have to stay tuned for more updates on Bookmarks’ insights!


What it means for marketers:

In addition to benefiting private users, Bookmarks will be valuable to businesses who need to flag Tweets for customer support and feedback. Due to the fact that users will now bookmark, instead of like Tweets to access later, businesses may see a drop in average likes; this may hinder reporting but will result in more accurate figures.

Are Magazines Making a Digital Comeback?

For those of you who thought the magazine era was dead, think again! Through its acquisition of Texture, Apple is working to revive the connection between tech companies and journalism. Also known as the “Netflix of Magazines,” Texture is a magazine subscription service exhibiting more than 200 magazines across its online platform. This new step is part of Apple’s plan to support “quality journalism from trusted sources” and compete with rivals, such as Google, who have similar news providing features. The deal between Apple and Next Issue Media is expected to close soon, and we can’t wait to see how it plays out!


What it means for marketers:

With Apple putting its faith in Texture, it may be worthwhile for marketers to start advertising their brands in magazines included on this app, to increase exposure.


Snapchat’s Creator Boost.

In an effort to bridge the gap between itself and creators, Snapchat has recently announced ‘Creator Boost.’ With this new update, the app’s lens carousel will soon feature selected user-generated lenses. Once a lens is used, the channel will share its creator’s username. This, as well as international exposure to 187 million users will serve as compensation for creator work. The channel is planning to initially keep chosen artists to a minimum. The only real condition placed is that lenses cannot be branded. Get your thinking caps on, it’s time to get creative!


What it means for marketers:

Although marketers cannot create branded lenses, companies can use chosen ones to appear on top of trends. This will translate to a fresher, more modern image for the brand’s Snapchat communities.

License to Sell.

With the ever-increasing volume of social media influencers today, UAE’s National Media Council has found a way to regulate the industry. Influencers that charge brands for promotional posts will now have to attain a media license to operate. This regulation was introduced on February 28, 2018, to keep all transactions legitimate and accounted for. It will also boost publishing sector growth by encouraging international brands to sell media content in the UAE, as a result of the protection regulation offers. Influencers have till the end of June to attain a license, or will face penalties, including fines up to AED 5,000 and/or the deactivation of their accounts or websites.

What it means to marketers:

This update is a double-edged sword for marketers. On one hand, there may be fewer influencers to choose from for campaigns. On the other hand, introducing licenses will maintain quality and accountability across campaigns and transactions.

Unfortunately, like our favourite GIFS, all good things must come to an end. Fortunately, that is not the case for our Social Scoop, so we will see you next week!



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