Social Scoop #9 – Your Social Media Update

21/03/2018   -   Monday Matters


Since yesterday was International Happiness Day, we thought we’d kick-off this week’s Social Scoop by sharing what makes us happy. To sum it up in three simple words: social media updates! As cliche as it sounds, nothing puts a smile on our faces like seeing the social world continuously evolve, granting us more opportunities every day. Let’s see what awaits this week!

Facebook Express Wi-fi.

In an effort to rectify their first ever user loss, the channel has released an Express Wi-Fi Android app in the Google Play store. The app allows users, in five developing countries, to purchase data packs and connect to surrounding hotspots set up by Facebook. It also reports back to Facebook with data concerning connectivity and retailer issues. This app will support Facebook’s main challenge of reaching developing countries with slow and expensive internet connections. The way Facebook sees it, providing the connectivity will result in a whole new untapped market of lucrative users. The app is now operational in Indonesia with bandwidth through D-Net and in Kenya through Surf.

What it means for marketers:

With easier internet accessibility, resulting in an increased number of Facebook users, marketers can target a wider audience than ever before! This not only means the possibility of growing engagement rates, but predominantly higher potential sales.


Snapchat User Tagging.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, that might just be the case with Snapchat and Instagram. Following its initial launch on Instagram in November 2016, user tagging has finally been adopted by Snapchat. Although still in testing phase, users will be able to tag others by simply typing their @handle, or @handles, and tapping the corresponding tag. Other users can then tap on tags to follow their profiles. This feature will not only benefit users on a personal level, but will also give businesses the boost they need for promotion activities. With the re-design of Snapchat making it more difficult to stay visible, brands will now be able to make their way into the ‘friends’ tab by establishing strong connections with their Snapchat communities.

What it means for marketers:

With this update, Snapchat has changed the game for influencer marketing and brand promotion strategies. Businesses will be able to partner with influencers to mutually benefit both profiles.


Twitter Ads Update.

Twitter has recently been working on a new feature that combines geographically similar photos, videos, and Tweets to create a cohesive thread for notable events. Brands will be able to utilise this update by sponsoring events or placing ads between these real-time Tweets. This feature has been seen before on Snapchat, where the channel combines snaps from a certain location or event, and displays them in the Discover tab.

 What it means for marketers:

This update will create a new platform where marketers can promote their brands. In addition to placing ads between news updates, brands can sponsor events that will be broadcasted on Twitter to increase exposure.

That’s all for this week folks! If Happiness Day did not put a skip in your step, we hope this Social Scoop will. We’ll catch you next week; same time, same place!



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