Social Scoop #3 – Your Social Media Update

15/01/2018   -   Monday Matters


Welcome back to our favourite time of the week! Before getting into the nitty-gritty, we would like to wish you, and your loved ones, a Happy New Year!

We hope the holidays were a joyful time for everyone! While we were exchanging gifts and counting down to 2018, our favourite social media platforms were working to revolutionize the digital marketing game! This is what you’ve missed out on over the holidays.



BBM Gets You Where You Need to Be!

In addition to its partnership with Facebook Messenger, Uber has now collaborated with BBM to make sure that everybody gets where they need to be. BlackBerry Messenger users can request an Uber without leaving the app by clicking the Uber icon in their ‘Discover’ menu. All you need to use this feature is to be logged in! This update will soon roll out to countries in Africa, North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

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What it means for marketers:

This partnership is a prime example of the popularity of collaboration in today’s market. Brands are coming together to tap into new markets and reach a wider audience; a great approach to be adopted by marketers worldwide.


Snapchat Lens Studio:

Snapchat has recently launched Lens Studio, a platform where creators can come to bring their ideas to life. Despite being previously developed by Team Snapchat, lenses can now be created by anyone with design experience and a vision. Lenses can be utilized for different objectives – awareness, consideration, engagement. So, no matter what your aim is, Snapchat can help get you there. According to statistics, campaigns containing lenses “drive, on average, a 19-point lift in ad awareness and a 9% sales lift delta as measured by third party partners”. Say hello to a wider audience!


What it means for marketers:

Thanks to this new feature, advertisers can create lenses to drive reach, engagement, awareness, and sales of their products. This allows marketers to acquire a competitive advantage and create an experience unique to their brand.


Facebook and Engagement Baiting:

Advertisers have been increasingly using ‘engagement baiting’ to boost reach. This is done by asking the audience for votes, tags, shares, comments, and reactions. These include the “tag a friend” or “like if you’re a” posts that flood our timelines. Although effective for brands, Facebook has decided to discourage such tactics on their channel by implementing new regulations about how reactions are used and competitions are held. They state that “Personal Timelines and friend connections must not be used to administer promotions.” Brands who will continue to use engagement baiting will not only face penalty on individual posts but on their entire page. This change will take place over the next few weeks to give marketers a chance to alter their strategy before being penalized.  


What it means for marketers:

These changes will make improving engagement and reach particularly difficult for those using these tactics. If that’s the case, marketers must change their approach to boost more organic growth adhering to Facebook’s new rules and regulations.


Facebook Ads Placement:

To make up for demoting engagement baiting posts, Facebook now allows advertisers to customize creative assets by placement on Facebook feeds, audience networks, Instagram feeds and stories. Instead of having to create multiple ad sets, this update assigns multiple creative options for one ad unit. You can edit your placements in three simple steps:

  • Upload image and wait for placement customization options to appear.
  • Select creative asset for placement from drop-down. Bare in mind minimum dimensions and aspect ratios.
  • You can now see each creative asset’s placement.


What it means for marketers:

This update not only makes advertising more efficient but also allows marketers to make more out of their campaigns and reach a wider audience through their ads.


Bring Your Ads to Life on Snapchat:

Let’s face it, our friends play a major role in what we choose to purchase on a daily basis. We have all, in one way or another, bought something because “our friend recommended it.” Snapchat now allows marketers to capitalize on this dependence. With more than three billion filtered snaps viewed on a daily basis, the platform has decided to allow advertisers to utilize animated filters as a means of promotion. Dunkin’ Donuts tested this feature out first, to promote their dark roast coffee on the winter solstice. With the help of ad measurement and tracking, the chain has deduced that this approach has resulted in sales increments and great exposure. Sponsored Animated Filters will initially be available for purchase by advertisers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France and Australia. The feature will eventually introduce targeting by age, gender, time, and interest.


What it means for marketers:

People often perceive sponsored Ads negatively. However, if creative enough, these filters will get the job done, and give your brand the modern and trendy edge it deserves! With this feature, marketers can capitalize on friendship and trust by putting the promotion in the consumers’ hands.


We hope you enjoyed this week’s social media updates and are as excited as we are to see what the new year holds. Stay tuned as we serve you all the newest features, while they’re still hot!



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