Social Scoop #4 – Your Social Media Update

12/02/2018   -   Monday Matters


With Valentine’s day right around the corner, what better way to show our love than to share our favourite social media updates with you. This week, we will be focusing on Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat. Stay tuned to discover what they have changed, and how these changes can help you!



Pinterest ‘Possibilities Planner 2018’

With posts, timing can really make a difference. Pinterest has taken that into consideration and developed a universal guide to highlight the best times for brands to publish their Pin campaigns. Unlike other platforms, people turn to Pinterest to help them prepare for special occasions,“almost two times earlier than other channels.” Hence, this new cheat sheet shows us when people usually begin planning, and what they are looking for. Pinterest has made this process even easier for marketers by including seasonal audience reach, top keywords, trends and creative ideas for every occasion.

pin_planner2-2 What it means for marketers:

This change allows marketers to keep up with seasonal demands and remain up to date on trends. This will translate into better performing Pin campaigns that cater to wider audiences.  


Snapchat’s New Text Styles

Following Instagram’s latest addition of “Type-Mode”, Snapchat has incorporated “New Text Styles” to spruce up stories and give them a creative edge. Users can now switch between font options, such as ‘Glow’ and ‘Rainbow’, to make their snaps more attractive to their audience. With almost 178 million daily users, Snapchat has found a way to spice things up. This is one of the many features involved in Snapchat’s re-design, gradually rolling out to new regions.


What it means for marketers:

Marketers can use this update to better represent their tone as a brand, as well as capture their audience’s eyes with something different.


YouTube Go Is On Its Way!

Our exposure to social media is purely dependent on our ability to connect. YouTube has abolished this idea by developing YouTube Go, a new app that caters to the needs of people living in places with pricy cellular data and poor connectivity. This app will soon launch in over 130 countries, all of which have less developed networks. Users will be able to watch downloaded videos offline and locally share them with friends via device to device connection. Google has also altered the app with high quality streaming and downloading, multiple video sharing, and personalised recommended videos.


What it means for marketers:

With this app, there is nothing standing in the way between content and viewers. With increased exposure to more developing countries, reach will most likely see positive change. YouTube Go will incentivise marketers to put a larger focus on YouTube than before.


A GIF is Worth A Thousand Words.

Instagram has recently revolutionised the way we tell our stories. The channel has collaborated with GIPHY to offer us a plethora of animated stickers to choose from. This update allows brands to be more creative than ever! The incorporation of GIFs can also better clarify brands’ tones of voices. Whether firm, friendly or casual, there is a GIF for you! In addition to this, Instagram will also allow users to upload visuals of any size to stories; images and videos will not be restricted to the 9:16 format. The sky is the limit! With just a pinch, images and videos will appear in their original size while remaining space will be filled with a colour gradient mirroring that of the visual.


What it means for marketers:

Due to the wide range of GIFs available, this gives marketers the room to get creative and attain a competitive edge using their stories. With more engaging stories, views are bound to consistently increase.


Facebook Changing Reach Calculation: Should We Be Worried?

In an effort to increase accuracy, Facebook has adjusted the way it calculates organic page reach to match that of paid ads. Now, both paid and organic reach will be measured based on the amount of times a post enters a user’s screen, as opposed to the number of times it has been sent in news feed. This is a double-edged sword for most brands as it results in more accurate figures, but an overall lower reach. Decreased reach may not be easy on the reporting eye; but, in hindsight, actual reach is not affected by this update. Facebook is aware that this is a difficult change to swallow. And so, it will be providing both old and new reach metrics for the next few months. Page insights will also be renovated to highlight the most important data to brands such as reach, engagement, post performance, and distribution of new followers.  


What it means for marketers:

This update will definitely hinder reach figures for brands which will, in turn, affect brand performance as a whole. Despite being at a quantitative disadvantage, marketers are not losing anything qualitatively. No matter how it is measured, posts will reach users in the same way.

To sum it up, this week’s social media updates target all aspects of a brand’s campaign, from content creation to accessibility and reach. We hope you join us next week as we continue to uncover what our favourite channels have planned for us!



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