Social Scoop #5 – Your Social Media Update

19/02/2018   -   Monday Matters


Welcome to our fifth Social Scoop! We’ve had a wonderful journey so far, but this is just the beginning! This week focuses mainly on Snapchat’s controversial redesign, both internal and external. We won’t spoil anything just yet; keep reading to find out more!


Facebook Lists: What do they mean for your engagement?

Facebook has recently introduced ‘Lists’, changing the way users organize and share their views and opinions. Now, when writing a status, users will be able to customize their lists with different background colours and emojis to better represent their thoughts. It is unsure yet whether this will be a positive change or not; however, it is bound to generate higher person-to-person interaction. Not only will this feature spark conversations between users and their friends, but also brands and their communities. Lists will make for more engaging content, allowing marketers to get a closer look at who their audience is, and what their interests are. This information will also lead to more accurate insights. ‘Lists’ will be rolling out slowly worldwide – it’s only a matter of time before you can create your own!

fb_lists What it means for marketers:

In addition to providing insights on how people view brands, Facebook Lists allow advertisers to target their audience more accurately.  This update can also be used by marketers when developing influencer marketing strategies, enabling them to control conversation around their brand. This will, in turn, boost both engagement and reach. Despite its myriad advantages, this feature will only benefit brands that generate positive conversations from public lists.


Snapchat’s Advertising API is Now for Everyone.

Although only previously available to approved developers, Snapchat’s advertising API can now be accessed by advertisers, agencies, and all external parties. This decision to further automate businesses’ processes means that brands will be able to have more control over optimizing their own Snapchat ads. Whether altering based on inventory levels or product popularity, the ads are in the business’s hands. Advertisers will no longer have to manually place ads or consult Snapchat’s sales team. The decreased dependence means increased transparency and visibility of how a brand’s ads are truly performing. This feature will also incur less costs for agencies than having to consult a third party.  


What it means for marketers:

With a more automated process, marketers can easily develop ads that are catered to their niches and specific audiences. In addition to this, ads can now be altered depending on varying factors, such as stock levels and price changes, that only the business has perfect knowledge about.


Personalized Face Lenses on Snapchat.

Thanks to Snapchat’s new update, we can take our favourite filters to a whole new level. The channel now allows users to create their own face lenses for special occasions. There will be 150 templates to choose from upon launch; users can also upload images to further customize their lenses. Once text is added and the design is finalized, users must indicate the time and location of the event for which the lens is designed. The lens will deactivate and disappear from Snapchat as soon as the event duration has passed. Depending on location size and duration, prices will vary (minimum price is $9.99).  To create their very own face lenses, users must access the “Filters and Lenses” option in the iOS apps settings menu. This update will initially roll out to desktop and iOS users in the US. It will then make its way to Android users, and the rest of the world.


What it means for marketers:

This feature will enable marketers to create one-off filters specifically for brand related events. This will incentivize attendees to share their photos on their profiles, spreading awareness and word of mouth.


Breaking News on Twitter.

When it comes to news headlines, Twitter is generally the social media channel that comes to mind. Due to the short and informative nature of Tweets, users are able to stay up to date on the go. With that being said, Twitter has released an update that also caters to those who prefer a more detailed news update. The channel has partnered up with news stations to live stream broadcasts of major breaking news events. Clicking on a broadcast will reveal a list of specially chosen relevant tweets concerning the event.  Despite efforts to bring more credible information to the public, Twitter can only do so much. It is up to the news channels to deliver objective and unbiased updates on worldwide news.


What it means for marketers:

Although not directly affecting content marketing, this update will allow marketers to remain up to date and knowledgeable of all trending topics and global events. This could be translated into content in order to remain relevant and culturally aware.


Snapchat Gives Creators Insights.

Snapchat’s time of neglecting creators is over! The channel has now released an update that allows creators to analyze time spent on story viewing (in minutes), story completion rates, unique story viewers, audience demographics, audience interests and total views in the previous week, month and year. These insights will give creators a more accurate idea of total reach, potential sponsored content, and their specific audience. This feature is part of Snapchat’s plan to cater more effectively to creators and facilitate monetization opportunities for them. This change in strategy is also seen by the channel’s redesign, putting creators in the Discover section, along with other popular public figures.

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 18.48.54

What it means for marketers:

This update not only benefits creators, but also advertisers that need these insights to adjust targeting and optimize ads. With a more detailed understanding of a brand’s fan base, marketers can better satisfy them.

Thank you for tagging a along on yet another weekly update! Stay tuned for more next week; same time, same place!



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