Social Scoop #6 – Your Social Media Update

27/02/2018   -   Monday Matters


It’s that time of the week again! We have a bunch of interesting social media updates this week. Ranging from GIF updates to posts with 3D models – our favourite channels are doing them all!


Collection Ads on Facebook and Instagram

There has been a massive improvement since the early days of social media on what is called social selling, and the power to sell products and services through social channels. Mr Zuckerberg has finally found a way to crack this down, apart from dynamic ads, now Facebook’s launched Collection Ads. Where a combination of video/image ads and their integration with canvas landing pages, makes the whole process of awareness, consideration and conversion much easier.

instagram_birch3What it means for marketers:

Brands can now integrate awareness, consideration and conversion within the same ad type. Better user experience and better results for brands.


Snapchat’s “new” feature and Kylie Jenner’s stock bomb

Despite the bomb that Kylie Jenner dropped on Twitter about losing interest in the channel and the effect on their stock market valuation (losing more than $1B), the guys at Snapchat launched an awesome new feature: adding Giphy GIFs (copying their “friends” at Instagram). The stickers are singled out in the app when you search for them, so you don’t have to wait through regular Snap-created stickers if you’re looking for some variety.


What it means for marketers:

For brands who have Snapchat communities, this update will add a flare to stories – allowing businesses to express themselves more creatively.


Facebook Supporting 3D posts.

Through the years, Facebook has accommodated the entire spectrum of post types, ranging from text to video. Now, it’s taken it up a notch by incorporating immersive media through 3D posts. With this new update, users can build 3D models and include them in their posts as gITF 2.0 files. Although the channel won’t be providing 3D editing tools, sharing a creation from a third party developer has never been easier! Before the masterpiece is shared with the world, users can edit its background colours and textures. This update will also drive the development of more 3D cameras or modelling apps.


What it means for marketers:

Integrating immersive media into their plethora of options means great things for brands who want to push the boundaries with their campaigns. Utilizing 3D models takes aesthetics to a whole new level.


Snapchat Ecommerce.

After developing an in-app store of their own, Snapchat has decided to branch out and collaborate with Jordan, Darkstore, and Shopify to allow users to buy their favourite sneakers through the channel itself. Other channels such as Facebook and Pinterest have also integrated Shopify functions to help facilitate in-app buying. Although this is the first instance of Snapchat Ecommerce with an external brand, incorporating this feature will mean higher exposure and positive changes for brands that target Millenials or have a Snapchat community of their own.


What it means for marketers:

This update represents a great opportunity for revenue growth and brand awareness. Businesses can stay up to date in their approach as well as make it easier for users to purchase their products online – it’s a win-win!  


Facebook is Working on Ad Visibility.

In response to criticism regarding the accuracy of Ad metrics, Facebook has made changes that will not only provide more insights into their metrics and how they are calculated, but will also remove those that are deemed unnecessary. The reason behind this update is to create more visibility over the fact that some metrics used in reporting are derived from sampling methods, in order to provide us real-time figures. These labels will also help advertisers understand which metrics are still undergoing testing and changes. Facebook has announced that by July 2018 they will be “removing approximately 20 ad metrics that marketers have told us are redundant, outdated, not actionable or infrequently used.” In addition to the aforementioned alterations, the channel is also developing a program to provide more details to advertisers about metric measurement. ‘Measure What Matters’ will be launched in March 2018.


 What it means for marketers:

With a more transparent representation of metrics, advertisers will have a better understanding on what to include in reports, as well as how to include them to depict their brand’s most accurate performance levels.


Twitter Changes its Rules to Minimize Misuse.

Twitter has experienced increased amount of misuse due to the fake social media marketplace. Although prohibited by the channel, users have paid providers to boost their follower numbers and engagement rates with the use of fake accounts and bots; they then use these followers to label themselves as ‘influencers’ to generate income. With this becoming an evident problem, Twitter has set the following new API usage rules as a preventative measure:

  • Users are not allowed to concurrently post the same content on different accounts to limit false re-posting. Twitter has warned that excessive automated retweeting is also prohibited and may lead to penalty.
  • Users are not permitted to like, retweet, or follow from multiple accounts at the same time.
  • Using automation, such as scheduling, to perform the above prohibited actions is also prohibited by Twitter’s new regulations.

The only exception to these rules are applied to users sharing emergency cases and natural disasters. With these rules applying to TweetDeck, users are finding difficulty due to the shift and removal of some scheduled content. The channel has given users till the 23rd of March to cease all automated practices that do not adhere to the new regulations.  


What it means to marketers:

With these new rules set in place, marketers will have a clearer view of who their target influencers really are when considering influencer marketing strategies. Although a negative change for falsified “influencers,” this update is in favour for brands and marketers with a online social presence.


There you have it folks! We have come to the end of yet another Social Scoop. We hope you enjoyed it and keep an eye out for next week’s updates!



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