Social Scoop #20 – Your Social Media Updates

03/09/2018   -   Monday Matters


It seems now – more than ever – a brand must rely on its personality to survive in an increasingly saturated social media environment.

The global expansion of Facebook Watch provides brands with more opportunity to show personality; Whilst Twitter’s trial to launch an unfollow suggestion button hints that being remembered by fans is a survival necessity.

Read on to learn how and why your brand should transform its social media personality into the new ‘cool kid’ on the block.


Why personality is key to social success.

It is no secret that brands are drowning in social media and struggling to stand out. So how does one make their presence felt? The above article argues that brands should shine their personality, and we compur – see article highlights below.

Social media cool kid

What can marketers learn from this?

  • Research – audience insights help us understand the wants, needs and desires of our customers. Everyone loves a good listener, so it pays to open our ears to the noise.
  • Personable – To be personable one must exude personality! So be witty, quirky, unconventional, equally shocking within reason, but please, PLEASE, do not be boring.
  • Emotion-driven  – Why do we subscribe to some blogs but not others? Some content impacts us more than others, we relate to it more and feel it from a similar school of thought. Emotion can be cut through the clutter, so if you have something to say, deliver it with passion.


Facebook Watch Is Going Global

Just days ago Facebook Watch was launched globally – giving people around the world a new way to discover videos and interact with friends, creators and other fans.

Watch was launched a year ago in the US to give people a place on Facebook to find shows and video creators. They love to start conversations with friends, other fans, and even creators themselves.


facebook launch watch video


What can marketers learn from this?

  • Video is booming – The total time spent watching videos has increased 14x since the start of 2018. If you are not creating videos then you should be.
  • A creative opportunity – video places so much more opportunity to be creative in your hands. This is your golden opportunity to exude personality and be remembered!


Twitter tests suggestions on people to unfollow


Twitter unfollow button

You’re likely to be familiar with Twitter’s suggestion on people to follow. Now, Twitter is testing a new button where it asks some users if they want to unfollow people to improve timeline content. Features like this are available through social media management tools, now Twitter is bringing the feature to everyone.


What can marketers learn from this?

  • Community management and compelling content – If the button does surface officially, it will show profiles in a while. Thus, pro-active community management and great content will prevent your brand showing up as a suggestion.
  • Personable Content – Driving engagement comes back to personable, emotional content to help you stand out in a saturated market. Providing you a good relationship with your fan-base, there is never a desire to unfollow.


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