Social Scoop #2 – Your Weekly Social Media Update

17/12/2017   -   Monday Matters


Before embarking on this week’s adventures, let’s take a minute to reflect on what the Social Media world has given us in the past seven days, and how marketers can make use of these digital developments. Welcome back to our Social Scoop!


Sound Collection by Facebook.

Fancy creating an entertaining video, but not a huge fan of a copyright infringement case? Facebook now has a solution for you! Sound Collection includes music, songs, sound effects, and instrumentals, ranging from hip-hop to country, that can easily be added to spruce up Facebook and Instagram videos. The selection is likely to expand if proven effective. Although this won’t completely stop illegal music downloads, it gives creators a chance to produce risk-free dynamic content. This not only helps creators, but also artists that could benefit from the exposure; it’s a win-win!


What it means for marketers:

Facebook has just given us more room to create, what could be better? This way, marketers can express their brand’s image more freely through dynamic content. Say goodbye to risk!


You can watch, but you can’t hide!

This week is all about the dynamics! Twitter has announced that video counts are officially back! With that being said, what qualifies as a view is a relatively grey area. With every social media channel, comes different approaches to view measurement. Twitter has gone for the most practical; the video must be playing for a minimum of two seconds with at least half of it appearing on screen.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 14.55.08What it means for marketers:

There is no doubt that this feature will simplify the process of getting Twitter insights. However, arguments may arise concerning the accuracy of Twitter’s measurement of a view. However, marketers are free to use these insights as they please, putting the ball in their court.


Threading With Twitter.

In addition to updating their character length, Twitter has made it easier for us to rant about our favourite things. “Threading” makes the links in our chain of thoughts closer than ever! With the App update, a plus button has been added in the composer, allowing all threaded tweets to be published at the same time – and an “Add another Tweet” button for those last minute thoughts. Once a thread is published, it can easily be found using the “Show this thread” button, another new addition to the app. All Android,, and iOS users will be able to thread their thoughts in the next few weeks.

unnamed What it means for marketers:

This update means that marketers can now create easy-to-follow narratives on social media, giving the audience a more detailed understanding of a brand’s story and overall message. In this case, more is more!


Google’s Newest “Appsperiments”.

Google has recently developed its own trinity of mini applications, allowing all iOS and Android users to take their visuals to another level. Storyboard, Selfissimo!, and Scrubbies have been developed using Google’s very own experimental, constantly-evolving, technology. With 1.6 trillion layout combinations, Storyboard arranges your images in a comic book-style format of your choice; all you need to do is refresh the app to unlock the layout you like best. Seflissimo!, on the other hand, acts as a portable photo booth! Once the user taps their screen to start a shoot, the app captures moments within movements to really highlight candid beauty. Last but not least, Scrubbies is perfect for playful filmmakers who want to remix their videos and add a personal touch. Google announced that this is only the first round of “appsperiments,” keep an eye out for more!

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 10.10.08

What it means for marketers:

Creators now have more tools than ever to truly capture the essence of their brands. This makes it even easier for brands to translate their message through both still images and dynamic content.

VSCO Messaging.

The world is becoming more visual by the day; aesthetics now plays a crucial role in how brand perceptions are formed. In addition, with the world becoming smaller than ever, communication is necessary. VSCO understands the importance of these aspects and has decided to build a bridge between the two by launching in-app private messages. This feature is meant to enhance the creative process between users, allowing them to communicate and share tips, ideas, and feedback. Although initially only available to VSCO X paying members, the feature will make its way to free users in the weeks to come.
Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 14.50.37

What it means for marketers:

With this feature allowing creators to share and receive, they can more easily learn the skills needed to evolve and improve their work. This, in turn, will allow them to gain and upsell their competitive advantages in their respective industries.  

Let’s just say, this week’s social media updates are more aesthetically pleasing than ever! Stay tuned for next week’s Social Scoop, as we come closer to the holidays and uncover more digital gifts from under the tree of technology!



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