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27/08/2018   -   Social Summary


How two famous organizations re-branded to ensure survival

Brands disrupt. Brands get disrupted.

Brands are born. Brands that.

And like pop culture, the faster they rise to celebrity status, the harder they fall if they do not keep innovating and adapting the brand – and in business, no sector escapes. You name it.

Think Blockbuster & Netflix. PanAmerican Airlines & Fly Emirates, MSN Messenger & WhatsApp, Kodac Photography & Apple, General Motors Cars & Tesla. Just like new ones like Napster & Spotify or MySpace & Facebook. These names will never touch the ears or lips of our fruitful millennial or Z generation.

The point is brands must stay relevant or face-up to slow and often painful death. The FMCG industry is no different. In today’s social scoop we look at two brands who have each recently held a modern social media in order to survive. Instagrammable and social-pop-culture brands!


Wendy’s Cooks Up A Storm of Social Engagement

wendys social media campaign

When it comes to brand tone of voice, it’s arguably no one who does it better than Wendy’s after its 2017 social rebranding – watch it here.

But how did Wendy activate social media to transform their image from ‘old fashioned hamburgers’ to America’s most loved social media brand?

And what can we learn from the high-schooler who asked for a year of free chicken nuggets? Let’s deep dive.

Marketing lessons from Wendy’s campaign activation

  • Tone of Voice – drop the bureaucratic tape when it comes to communication guidelines and prepare to be nimble by empowering a community manager and account manager to think on their feet. The results? You may just break a Twitter record.
  • Newsjacking – for a brand to be relatable, it must be on top of popular conversations. Does it matter that a food company is reviewing the Oscars? No, as long as the content is engaging and compelling.
  • Empowering users – For most brands touching or change corporate identity is an absolute no go. Let’s all relax a little, as we can see, the online community, when empowered, can produce staggering results.


How Häagen-Dazs rebranded to become an Instagram brand

Haagen dazs rebranding

When footfall begins to decline for an aging brand one must ask pertinent questions: Are we becoming outdated? Where is our consumer going to buy? Which channel are they consuming content? How can we still be relevant in their lives? How do I make it easier for them to buy? And how do I keep my quality service/product relevant to them?

Häagen Dazs the answer to this questions was yes for them – so they rebranded – following a one word letter: ‘Instagrammable.’one word brief: ‘Instagrammable.’

Click here to see the measures our luxury ice-cream manufacturer has taken care of and that is what we can learn from it.


What can marketers learn from the Häagen Dazs social rebrand?

  • Target Audience – Millennials and Gen Z – one cannot ignore them – they are huge generations coming through you if you can not have a business in 30 years.Z – one simply cannot ignore them – they are huge generations coming through so if you can’t appeal to them you won’t have a business in 30 years.
  • Tone of Voice – exclusive is not always a good thing as it can also come across as unapproachable. Millennials because of personal connection, personalization and not exclusivity and sustainability.personal connection, personalisation but not exclusivity and sustainability.
  • Messaging – it is imperative for premium brands to justify their costs – so for Häagen Dazs, this means the costs of their ingredients. After all, these ingredients create high quality taste unobtainable through artificial sweeteners.


Answer below : which is your top social media brand activation from the two discussed today? Share it with us on social media! We would love to know your feedback!


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