Social Scoop #17 – Your Social Media Updates

13/08/2018   -   Social Summary


As we start to wind down and celebrate Eid al-Adha, we have compiled a few light updates for you to digest! Our biggest surrounds Facebook and its latest use of augmented reality to create a cool new gaming experience – perfect for the holidays.


Get Your Game On: Challenge Your Friends With Video Chat AR Games in Messenger

At the moment, Facebook messenger enables its users to share exciting news, partner up as study buddies, or simply chit-chat to pass time.

Its new kick-ass update adds augmented reality with a cool interactive, gaming element.

Social media updates, Facebook AR game in messenger app

For example, who can hold a serious face the longest? This is part of Facebook’s new: “Do not Smile” game. Click the above title to learn more.


What does this mean for marketers?

First, we saw third-party Facebook apps, they enabled voting competitions; now, leading brands are creating canvas in canvas experiences. Is the future within augmented reality gamification?

As more and more brands for new ways to engage and incentivise users, the power of gamification for non-gaming processes has shown brilliant performance for small and big brands. The video chat option could generate a new way of generating User Generated Content (UGC) through a  non-intrusive way of brand / product placement that adds value to people’s daily lives, while chatting with their friends and families.

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Helping People Connect with Local Businesses

Undoubtedly, recent advances in online technology have helped to empower small businesses. Traditional media can be expensive for a small business to advertise, so many niche companies tend to fail without a fair shot at success.

New updates to Facebook pages are providing a local search function and the platform is planning to launch a standalone ‘Facebook Local’ mobile application.

The ‘Recommendations’ section on ‘Pages’ will also be more prominent, helping us use our social network to find the best places to visit.

Social media updates, Facebook Local search


What does this mean for marketers?

It means that even the smallest businesses should have a Facebook presence – regardless of marketing budget. Facebook is working to help empower small businesses – but, in return, you should at least be on the platform and consider promoting the page in-store.

Pro-active community management is becoming more important than ever, if it should be a positive one with a swift response and thoughtful solution.

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For today that’s a wrap! Let’s catch up again next week, same time, same place.

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