Social Scoop #14 – Your Social Media Updates

09/07/2018   -   Monday Matters


Social scoop your social media updates

After the storm of social media privacy controversy, the industry giants have made some significant updates to their platforms to become more transparent with their users. Read through for details and other updates to LinkedIn videos and the ultimate IGTV Handbook.


Transparency on Facebook Advertising

Facebook recently announced it will be more upfront about its ads and will add more transparency to them on its various platforms. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said “We want to reduce bad ads, we want to make sure that people understand what they’re seeing, who paid for it, and the fullness of what other people might see” she added “Whether they are running on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or on our partner network. Importantly, even if the ads are not targeted to you.”

facebook advertising transparency

What does that mean for marketers?

As a business, being transparent about what and how you are advertising, adds credibility to your brand – a valuable quality to have on social during these sensitive times. No we will have to be more transparent on how we target different target groups, which message and visual are we showing. Specific promotions to different target groups will be visible, so be cautious of what you say and to whom, might backfire on you.


Twitter’s Ads Transparency Centre

Twitter joined the ‘transparency train’ and have announced their new Ads Transparency Centre (ATC). The tool is accessible by anyone around the world – no twitter account or logins required. To learn more about ATC and its scope, click here.

twitter advertising transparency

What does that mean for marketers?

Transparency is the new trend now. The more transparent you are as a brand to your customers/clients, the more trustworthy your brand will seem – leading to better and stronger business relationships/brand loyalty.


LinkedIn Introduces Sponsored B2B Video

Companies have been asking, and now LinkedIn is delivering: Video Ads. The imminent launch of this update will not only allow companies to create native video ads, but share them right from a company’s page. Expect to see the new changes in the coming weeks.

linkedin video advertising

What does that mean for marketers?

Sponsored videos have proven to be a success on other social media platforms, LinkedIn will be no different. To increase brand awareness, generate relevant leads, and get better insights as to who is watching and liking your content – sponsored videos is your answer. Video is not anymore a B2C marketing tool to communicate, B2B focus brands have to evolve in the way they tell their story, and video is the most engaging way to say it.

How do you see it working in your favour? 


Facebook Adds Stories Archives

Contrary to popular belief, Facebook Stories is not dead, nor is it dying – in fact, it’s still growing. And to support that growth Facebook has introduced the ability to archive Stories just like on Instagram.

facebook stories archives

What does that mean for marketers?

If you were uncertain of the use of Facebook Stories before, then this update should drown your worries away. Night or day, rain or shine, your Facebook Stories will always be there for your followers to enjoy.


Facebook Advertising Summit 2018 – Social Media Examiner

socialmediaexaminer facebook ads summit 2018

Our Social Advertising team will be attending the Facebook Advertising Summit 2018. We will be back next week to share best practices and insights on the latest trends and happenings from the Facebook camp.     


All you need to know about IGTV, the ultimate handbook

Instagram IGTV handbook

Finally, here’s this week’s reading material: The ultimate IGTV handbook

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