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20/06/2018   -   Monday Matters


Did we all have a good Eid Weekend? Great! Now let’s blast through some fairly big updates – mainly on the paid social side. To summarise, social commerce is booming – and tech giant Instagram, is leading its growth with bold moves acquiring more active users daily. Otherwise, the main focus is on retail this week, with an add-on to LinkedIn B2B, improving its advertising functionality.  

Instagram globally launches shoppable stories – MENA as always, are not on the list.

Welcome to the social commerce era. Instagram has added another ad format to their portfolio, after launching shoppable posts in March this year. MENA adoption is still a few years behind leading regions, but definitely has picked up pace in recent years through homegrown brands like, Namshi and Now that users are even more mobile and connected, social commerce is entering a golden era.

The retail industry is facing challenges across the world, we saw it with the bricks & mortar crisis in the US recently and the MENA region is not immune to that situation. Dubai is one of the top ranked cities in the world for malls per capita (O_0)And with rent on the rise, retail brands are looking to embrace e-commerce and social selling to its full capabilities.

Adidas, for instance, is the best example of how retail brands are adopting digital transformation and going fully digital to sell.  In 2018, it stopped TV commercials and stated intent on closing all shops to focus fully on e-commerce (let’s see how that progresses). Instagram, being the perfect place for retail inspiration, is the major contender for audience participation in Western countries. Chinese giant, Tencent WeChat, is expected to dominate the East.


What does this mean for marketers?

MENA is always a secondary market when it comes to these big launches, nonetheless, marketers can look to prepare strategies to move fully into social selling. This means their whole ‘owned’ strategy should vary to drive traffic to their Instagram accounts for many reasons. For us there is one:

The customer journey is even shorter than in other digital media tactics. Performance marketing will be the top approach to embrace when it comes to digital tactics. The aim is to find a place where both awareness and consideration are combined to drive purchases through effective UGC, influencer marketing, community to community marketing, and hyper-targeted interactive advertising to name a few.

This is people based marketing at its best

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LinkedIn brings storytelling to the B2B marketing world

B2B marketing is generally regarded as the less fun or dynamic cousin when compared to the consumer sector. Brands marketing other brands tend to send more functional/intrusive and less emotional messages, with sales representatives approaching prospects on LinkedIn as if there was no tomorrow.

However, those managing LinkedIn advertising, mostly Lead Gen Forms , will have seen the potential of this channel. Through sponsored posts, you can see a massive increase in interactions and now video views. But now, advertisers can step up their game, communicating through interactive stories (Carousels) to inspire users to take action.


What does this mean for marketers?

First of all – just maybe – you can stop sending those selling / spamming messages that do not add value to anyone. Marketers will need to start building storytelling ads with precise targeted segmentation and personalization to drive and future purchases – the beautiful game of ‘reasons to believe’ and ‘reasons to buy’.

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Facebook launches A / B testing for your page posts

Facebook has unofficially launched a new A / B testing feature that will enable page managers to address content to different audiences. This will lead to a better understanding of content performance and if the content is worth promoting / re-posting, to which audiences, and with how much media spend.


What does this mean for marketers?

Once the two posts are launched, we will be able to analyze the audience response. The testing is quite basic, but provides a big improvement. It is true that with the new algorithm, the need for a better data-driven content strategy is even more necessary. It is a practical method to maximize Facebook reach one piece of content at a time. As Facebook active users and time spent is decreasing, any help to drive performance is welcome. We will keep you posted with any news on this subject once it’s official.

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