Social Scoop #11 – Your Social Media Update

09/04/2018   -   Monday Matters


If today is “Name Yourself Day,” then you can call us ecstatic! This week has some major changes in features, ads, algorithms, and so much more. Here’s what our favourite social media channels have been cooking up for us!

Instagram Full Screen Ads.

Instagram has just made it much easier for advertisers to create Story ads with the new full screen update. Once an image or 15 second video is uploaded within Instagram Feed aspect ratios in Ads Manager, it will be automatically altered to fit the full screen Stories format. It can then be used as either an in-feed or Stories Ad, giving advertisers more flexibility and choice. Ad format will not be affected since the channel will utilize “pixel matching technology” to develop a similar gradient as a background on which text can be added. Instagram advertisers, the world is your oyster!

What it means for marketers:

It is evident how this will benefit advertisers creating compelling ads that want to maximize exposure over stories. It creates a new and effective way to reach more people on the channel.  

Snapchat Group Video Chat.

In addition to recently adding user tagging, Snapchat has added their latest feature of Group Video Chat. With this update, users can reach up to 16 friends at once. All they have to do is “tap the video camera icon in a Group Chat to get your friends together!” Research has shown that Snapchat users tend to prefer a more intimate and personal approach to communication on the channel. This coincides with the rising video chat trend on other channels, particularly Facebook with video chats on messenger doubling in 2017. To create a unique aspect, Snapchat will also incorporate Lenses in group video conversations.

What it means for marketers:

Although not directly benefiting marketers, if this update drives more traffic to the channel it may be worth adopting Snapchat advertising and marketing strategies.

Instagram’s Altered Algorithm.

Following countless complaints and a petition with nearly 27,000 signatures, Instagram has heard our objections and made an effort to compromise. The channel recently announced that posts will start appearing in a more chronological order with the help of a ’New Posts’ button that will give users control over their feeds. With that being said, the previous controversial algorithm will not disappear; it’s just that users will have more control over it. Instagram’s bringing back the time in timeline!

What it means for marketers:

To hack Instagram’s latest update, brands might begin to post more frequently to remain prominent. However, it is important to implement a quality over quantity approach to maintain a consistent brand image. And with more updates en route, it is safe to say that marketers should be on alert for any changes.

Google Search Revamped.

Google has launched a new feature in the Middle East and North African region making primary research easier than ever. Their new update gives users the ability to access information directly posted by organisations and public figures; you can kiss unreliable sources goodbye! To maintain quality and credibility, only verified public entities will be able to post directly on Search. As of now, the following categories are approved to practice this feature on Google – Authors, Cities, Sports teams, Sports leagues, Museums, Movies, Musicians, Schools, TV Shows and Video Games.” (Arabian Business, 04.04.2018)

What it means for marketers:

This feature gives marketers the ability to create, control and complement online conversations around their brands. After all, no one knows your brand like you do!



Despite previously disabling them, LinkedIn has recently been testing the effectiveness of clickable hashtags on page posts. The channel is even forcing some users to add at least one hashtag to their post to examine the improvement of sorting and categorizing processes. Although perceived as unprofessional and informal, hashtags may work in favour of users during their searches for jobs and/or candidates. Watch out, you may have to start using them sooner than you think!

What it means for marketers:

In addition to creating a unified cross-channel brand hashtag, marketers can use this update to track conversations revolving around their brands as well as competitors. This will create easier visibility across LinkedIn, an aspect needed now more than ever!

Unfortunately, the time has come to bid you farewell. We have had yet another exciting week in cyberspace; and could not thank you enough for being a part of it.

See you next time!



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