MONDAY MATTERS #83 – Your Social Media Update

08/09/2017   -   Monday Matters


Your weekly dose of social media updates is here!

This week YouTube redesigned its app, Facebook TV started airing its first set of programs, and Instagram takes its Stories to the web.

Here we go!



|UPDATE| Youtube app design overhaul

YouTube’s app recently saw major changes to its layout and functionality. The new design looks cleaner with less distractions and more focus on content – allowing for content creators’ work to be more easily visible than before.  

On the functional side, users will soon be able to change playback speed (a feature already available on desktop) and use swiping gestures to navigate between videos when in a playlist. Another great functionality is adaptive playback – a feature that makes videos fit any mobile screen. This update will be rolling out to all users soon.

youtube vert(1)

|news| facebook tv

The start of this week was Facebook’s launch of its new TV-like programs on their Watch platform. This new and original content from the social media giant covers a wide range of topics, from advice on reality shows. Facebook has partnered up with more than 30 content creators to air hundreds of shows on their platform. What do you think of the new venture?

|UPDATE| instagram stories on desktop

Not only is Instagram conquering the “Stories” sphere of social media, they’re now taking it to the next level. The Facebook owned company is planning to introduce Stories to desktop users. Once this feature is rolled out, you’ll initially be able to view Stories and soon after create them. How do you think this will affect Instagram Stories? If at all.


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