MONDAY MATTERS #82 – Your Social Media Update

22/08/2017   -   Monday Matters


Last few days highlights include an epic Game of Thrones episode, football season kick off and an eclipse! But all of this would not be complete without some social media updates.

Today, Facebook and Instagram give their comment sections a makeover, while Linkedin and Snapchat roll out “new” technologies.

Let’s begin.


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|UPDATE| Facebook app’s comments become chat bubbles

For as long as we can remember Facebook comment sections have always looked the same, with minor tweaks here and there (ie: additions of Emojis and GIFs). Now, the most visited social media platform is looking to revamp their comments to look more like Whatsapp chat bubbles. What do you think of this new makeover? Yay or nay?


|UPDATE| Instagram adds comment threads

It seems Instagram got jealous of Facebook this week and changed their comments as well. Now when you reply to a comment, a new conversation thread appears – creating a more user-friendly place for conversations. Do you think this was a good move by Instagram?


|UPDATE| Linkedin app introduces video creation

Creative professionals can rejoice! Linkedin has announced that users will be able to create videos on the fly via the mobile app. Now you can record that seminar you’re attending or capture that awesome goal at the corporate games. The feature is currently available to frequent contributors only, but should be available to everyone soon.


|UPDATE| Snapchat’s concert experience

Ever missed a concert you’ve always wanted to attend, but you had to settle for your friends’ shaky low-quality Snaps? Well, Snapchat’s got your back. The app’s new feature, called  ‘Crowd Surf’, combines different angles from a joined Story (‘Our Story’) of the same event and creates a smooth and seamless viewing experience. Check it out.


That’s all for this week! For more social advices or comments, you can contact us . See you next week!



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