MONDAY MATTERS #81 – Your Social Media Update

14/08/2017   -   Monday Matters



Yes, It’s Monday, not even hump day and quite a few days before one would even consider letting themselves adopt that Thursday feeling. But kahalas, maybe we can brighten up your day with a few new updates.

In brief, Instagram dominates with new features while SnapChat and SoundCloud fight for their social survival. Yes, it’s dog-eat-dog out there. Read on.



|UPDATE|Instagram adds new guest options to go live

One word: AWESOME. Instagram is elevating its live-streaming functionality to new heights by adding the option of streaming with a buddy.

This opens the door to new types of content such as live, one on one interviews. Let’s see what Instagram has to say about the update:

“Live video helps you share in an authentic way, but sometimes it can be intimidating when you’re on your own. Starting today, we’re testing a fun way to go live with a friend. Now, you can hang out and go live together, whether you’re just doing homework or catching up on your day.”

Read more about the development here. How will your brand or business utilise the new feature?




|News|SoundCloud is saved while SnapChat sinks

What do you want first: the good news or the bad news? The good news is SoundCloud has been saved by emergency funding, read more here.

The channel isn’t a  major marketing tool for brands but it does resonates with up and coming indie artists and rappers trying to make a name for themselves. We like to keep an eye on this channel after Twitter recently invested $70 million into it.

Meanwhile, this week has seen a major devaluation of SnapChat’s share price after it failed to reach expected daily active user numbers and investors become sceptical of the company’s growth after the introduction of Instagram stories.

And to top it off…the company’s ‘Spectacle glasses’ aren’t selling well.

Is it the next big social channel for your brand? It’s hugely popular still with the younger demographic so we’d never rule it out.



And that’s it! For more social advice or commentary, hit us up with a message on our contact form on our website. See you next week!



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