MONDAY MATTERS 79 – Your Social Media Update

31/07/2017   -   Monday Matters


Welcome to this week’s new Monday Matters – your source for the latest social media news, including: new automatic advertising on Twitter, 6-second video ads on Facebook and Messenger 2.1.

|News| Twitter results & new subscription Ad service

The week began poorly for Twitter with their quarterly earnings showing clearly that financial figures were weak and monthly active user growth had plateaued. Such news can scare advertisers away from the platform. Hence, Twitter has been experimenting with a new form of advertising for users to automatically advertise via a subscription.

The network wants to “automatically boost” messages from a subscriber for $99 a month. To do this it will arrange tweets and profiles in a specific group. Currently, as a subscriber, you can only target groups based on interest or location. The innovation, in beta testing,  brings a lot of convenience to people who do not want to create and optimise advertising campaigns themselves.

On a positive note, Twitter daily use has increased, which can be explained by the fact that current members have become more active on the platform, allowing Twitter to concentrate more on this niche. The new advertising opportunity will therefore focus primarily on this group.

Screenshot 2017-07-31 17.22.55

|News| Gone in 6 seconds

Unlike Twitter, Facebook was able to report positive news this quarter. An example is that the number of monthly active users has increased to over 2 billion. Facebook is also benefiting from increased advertising revenue, especially from mobile. That will undoubtedly have resulted in its decision to develop 6-second video ads. Much is not yet known about the new format, but for examples, we can look at competitors Youtube and Snapchat.

Screenshot 2017-07-31 17.17.51

|update| Intelligent bots and handover protocol in messenger 2.1

This is far from the only development announced by Facebook this week. Messenger also has an update with its 2.1 version. In this, we see an update in the application’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) that assists in recognising the purpose of a message. A good sarcastic joke will not be recognised yet, but according to Facebook, the following phrases/topics are now well known: ‘hello, bye, thanks, date & time, location, amount of money, phone number, email and a URL.’
Screenshot 2017-07-31 17.19.24


Facebook is also giving more power to bots to handle basic conversations – lessening manpower time for  businesses responding to simple questions. Complicated questions and emotional responses can then be addressed by skilled personnel. Messenger 2.1 is still in beta, but we’re excited to discover the possibilities and will keep you informed.

|update| 5 new calls to action

If you thought we were already using Facebook updates, you’re wrong. There are 5 new call-to-action buttons launched. You are likely already familiar with the “Shop” and “Chat” (Send Message) buttons. Now there are: Get Support, Get Updates, Play Now, and Get Started options.
Screenshot 2017-07-31 17.19.03

This was your chunk of social updates for this week. Hopefully you are ready to rock now! Have a great week and do not hesitate to contact us if you have a sizzling question on social media strategy during these hotter months  ?

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