MONDAY MATTERS 77 – Your Social Media Update

19/07/2017   -   Monday Matters


After Federer winning Wimbledon again, Lewis Hamilton winning F1 British Grand Prix and the start of the new season of Game of Thrones, we are quite in a winning mood. We will continue this trend positivity with fantastic news from social media platforms. In this edition, you will read all about the latest Facebook VR developments, interesting Instagram targeting options and more


| NEWS | Facebook Combines Oculus VR and Live Streaming

Facebook’s VR app Spaces has recently been updated to support livestream. Of course, we’ve all known about Facebook live streaming for a long time, but now you can also stream your Spaces avatar to show your friends what you’re doing in real-time. Now, Facebook Spaces is combining two trends: VR and live streaming, and this is the result of the increasing adoption of both technologies.

Facebook has become more active in the last few months by combining social functions and VR. In addition to the release of Spaces this spring (which is still in Beta), Oculus tested the new tech showing the Facebook newsfeed on the Samsung Gear VR.


|Update|New Targeting Options For Instagram ads

With ‘relevance’ currently a buzzword, it is no surprise that Instagram is expanding its targeting possibilities. Within the Business Manager Audience tab, we now see three new options to create a custom audience: video, lead form, and Instagram business profile..

This is great! Because it offers opportunities to make your target audience more relevant. For the time being, it was only possible to create custom audiences based on Facebook behavior, but Instagram’s behavior is of course much more relevant to Instagram advertising. It also offers cool possibilities when you work with Instagram influencers. For example, if an influencer shares a video containing your product, you can then target this group of viewers with your content.

In addition, the advertising opportunities for Insta Stories have been improved. Before, you could only achieve a reach goal with this ad type. Instagram has now also introduced four other goals: video views, conversions, traffic, and mobile app installs. Now we can finally achieve the results we want, instead of only generating wide reach.


|UPDATE|Ads In Messenger Is Slowly Rolling Out Around The World

In Monday Matters 29 (waaaay back), Facebook did a worldwide test with ads in Messenger. Now, the ads will appear in the app’s opening screen, between ongoing conversations. It will work similarly to Facebook and Instagram’s auction and targeting model.

Facebook Messenger’s topman Stan Chudnovsky has said that ads will officially launch depending on how users respond to them.


|UPDATE|Facebook Linked To Link Preview Editing

In April, during the fight against spam, phishing and fake news, Facebook announced the removal of the editing option in link previews. From today, it’s no longer possible to link the text or image of a link preview to fit after placement.
It might be good for online security, but not for us marketers. It is no longer possible to transfer a good copy or image in your A/B testing campaign to your other ads. Fortunately, Facebook acknowledges that media optimization may be important to customize link previews, and we they are looking for a solution. To be continued….

That is it for this Monday Matters. Have a fantastic week!

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