How to Develop Your Brand’s Social Media Maturity Model

06/09/2018   -   Corporate News


Where is your business in the social media maturity Journey?

Those who know work in social media: we live in a hyper-paced industry. Changes and fundamental updates occur daily. Strategies seem to exist permanently in beta, ready for reinvention and design.

After more than a decade or social media, what started as a fad – or something for university students – became one of the cornerstones of modern marketing. But its disruption does not come in the form of the perfect selfie, but in our dates. Did you know 90% of the world’s data has been created since 2016?

social media maturity

Some argue social media has brought us together and that we are more connected than ever. But, in fact, we could never claim further. Brands are playing a key role in how we use and consume social media.

Most still sit in the infancy stage of what we call: the ‘social beginner’ phase of social media maturity. However, there are those who are experiencing problems with social media from the beginning, adding value to our lives instead of creating more noise and further education.


Did you know the most mature social businesses are both more profitable and have more loyal customers, each by a 77% margin?


Check out our colleague Victor Madueno , social media and commercial director for Your Social Middle East at Click Jam inbound marketing conference . This practitioner gathering in Dubai tackles real case studies, a unique concept within the advertising and agency industry. He will take you through the journey of our frameworks, in a practical and fun way by asking key questions:

  • How do I take my business to the next level in social media?
  • What steps and KPIs should I look for?
  • How fast can I move from one stage to the other?
  • Which organizational structure should I implement to reach full capabilities?
  • Should I manage an In-house or outsource social media team?


Check the presentation, you can share or use it to plan your social media maturity strategy.


Or if you are more of a video person, check out our ClickJam Conference in July 2018 on our Your Social Vimeo channel.


If you have any comments regarding social media maturity models and frameworks please get in touch with Victor about Twitter or on LinkedIn .

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