Because of paid media, non budgeted reach is close to impossible, this is why paid media is necessary if you want to go social with your brand. The purpose of the brand content we create is to reach as many people as possible within the target group. This is why content has to be  boosted carefully through a media strategy. In addition,  we design our content to be as relevant as possible to our target audience. . Because if content doesn’t arouse interest, people don’t want to see it. There are two strands to our media strategy: ‘always on’ which roles from month-to-month; and our second strategy is specifically for short burst campaigns. Both try to optimise the main goals of the content. It doesn’t matter if these goals concern engagement, traffic or views, by using our paid media strategy you can ensure your message is optimised for best possible performance.

Besides taking care of media strategies, our Social Media Management also ensure our content, which is made with strategic and creative thought, is available to the right audience. By specific time targeting and keeping our target in mind, we can ensure everything is useful and relevant. Effective Community Management is also necessary, otherwise it’s impossible to measure the success of our content according to fans.

Community Management means we get in touch with fans. Because we create our content for them. their feedback is part of the success of a post, campaign or activation. This is why we ensure proactive web care and web dare.

The next step is to use insights we get from our Community Management to update our strategy so we can achieve your goals. If we see specific subjects are a big part of the conversations, or,  if we see our fans come up with ideas to improve products, we certainly respond to it as best as we can. This is how we always optimise the potential of our content.