Both the message and the purpose of the message will be specifically shaped. We’ll make sure this shape measures up to its brand and to the identity of the target group. We will create effective content and won’t hesitate to make it gorgeous. This applies to both static and dynamic content: let’s keep page post, GIF, Cinemagraph, (360°) video, virtual reality surroundings and (campaign) websites in mind.

Our content specialisation also covers the spectrum of 360° activations and campaigns. From brand objectives, insights and creativity we create a concept and from there we choose the most effective (channel) and strategy (media) tactics. Primary and secondary. This means that a campaign could be deployed both online and offline if required.

Also, topicality can be a powerful tool in digital. Strong, relevant newsjacking can generate a lot of exposure, buzz and produce a positive feeling about a brand, product or service.

Our digital creatives are specialised in disciplines such as Motion Design, Web Design, Visual Design and Copywriting.